Quality of Life Indicators

QLI 2010

If you ask people in the Pikes Peak region whether our quality of life is improving or declining, you will get a variety of answers. This is a very subjective topic. Individuals tend to evaluate quality of life through the lens of their own experience, or the experiences of family and friends.

Quality of life factors are critical to a successful future. There are hundreds of examples of once-desirable places to live that deteriorated because of controllable issues that local leaders did not recognize and address. By examining what makes our community great, we can bring people together around the issues that count. It is easier to create broad coalitions when there are basic community goals we can all agree on.

The report makes a conscious effort to present only facts. While it shows trends, the report does not attempt to evaluate these trends as positive or negative. The goal of presenting this data is to help community members prioritize and make educated decisions about which areas deserve investment of time, talent and resources. The goal of this entire effort is positive action. Let’s work together to make life better for all of us!

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Download a Copy or view the digital version of the 2013 QLI Report:

2013 QLI Executive Committee

Lisa Bachman Lisa Bachman PR Services
Carrie Cramm Pikes Peak United Way
Aimee Liotino Pikes Peak United Way
Dave Munger Council of Neighbors and Organizations
Becci Ruder Leadership Pikes Peak
Susan Saksa Leadership Pikes Peak


2013 QLI Vision Council Chairs

Arts Christina McGrath Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region
Built Environment Tim Seibert N.E.S. Inc.
Community Engagement Dave Somers Center for Nonprofit Execellence
Economy Tucker Hart Adams Summit Economics
Education Jes Raintree District 38 Program Volunteer
Health Carol Bruce-Fritz Community Health Partnership
Natural Environment Frank Kinder Colorado Springs Utilities
Recreation Susan Davies Trails and Open Space Coalition
Safety Mary Jo Strassburg-Aldal Colorado Springs Police Department
Social Well-being Noreen Landis-Tyson Community Partnership for Child Development
Transportation Dave Munger Council of Neighbors and Organizations



What People are Saying About the 2013 Report

“The QLI, with its more than 150 community volunteers and leaders, is an extraordinary example of a local community-building initiative.  The report is an excellent resource our citizens, elected officials, business and community leaders alike can use in developing their strategic plans. It is also a tremendous tool for prioritizing those areas of action we should be focused on as a community to improve the quality of life for all who live in the region.”  -- Chris Jenkins, Nor’wood Development Group

“We use the Quality of Life Indicators for the Pikes Peak Region report as a recruitment tool at The Broadmoor, particularly when working with executives moving here from other parts of the country. Several indicators, for example transportation, education, healthcare and the environment, provide the job candidate and their family important information about the region, which often helps them make their decision about relocating.”  -- Stephen Bartolin, Jr., President and CEO, The Broadmoor

“The Quality of Life Indicators report is an outstanding example of how our citizens work together to better themselves by understanding where they are and where they need to go. The report is a valuable resource for setting benchmarks, charting trends and establishing priorities for action. Our management team and reporting staff turn to the QLI report throughout the year for third-party statistical data in our organizational decision-making and to provide factual context in reporting news of relevancy within our region.” -- Dan Steever, Publisher, Colorado Springs Gazette

 “When I arrived in Colorado Springs two years ago, I found the QLI Report to be an excellent introduction to the community. I am an economist so I like data and the QLI gave me a quick overview of some of my new community's strengths and areas for improvement. I regularly share it with new hires at Colorado College and continue to use it as reference myself.” -- Jill Tiefenthaler, President, Colorado College

 “The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance supports the expansion of existing local companies and works to attract new business to our region in eight core industry sectors. We often send the Quality of Life Indicators report to companies that express interest in relocating as a snap shot perspective about the region. The report’s credible, third party data about the region helps in the decision-making process when researching communities for potential relocation.” -- Joe Raso, CEO, Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance

 “Just like it is important to assess our economic progress through the Southern Colorado Economic Forum, it is equally important that we assess our progress in addressing the socio-economic needs of our community as well. QLI helps us do just that-- Jim Harris, Senior Vice President and Southern Colorado Banking Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

“The Quality of Life Indicators Report provides actionable data that will help us prioritize what’s important to us as a community. It’s a great product that should be used during every organization’s strategic planning process.”--Margaret Sabin, President & CEO, Penrose-St Francis Health Services