Sarah and Emmett's Story

Sarah and Emmett

I gave birth to my first baby April 2nd at Memorial North, and somebody from Pikes Peak United Way came into my room and gave us a book.

I'm not sure who the person was, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

It was so great receiving a book, since we didn't get any at the time Emmett was born. It was one of the last things I had even thought about. We have been reading the book together almost every day since he was born. The volunteer gave us a Disney book that's all about the character, Thumper from Bambi. Emmett really loves it, and loves to feel the book with his hands and is now at the stage where he's trying to put the book in his mouth! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for such a great program! I'll keep this book forever, since it is his first baby book. :)