Helping Our Hungry Neighbors


Food For All

Panic set in when I arrived at Mitchell High School for our second food distribution. There was a line of families wrapped around the door and I was unsure if we would be able to meet the need.  My worry was quickly laid to rest when I saw our team of volunteers and staff leading families through the process: guiding, packing and loading. There were smiles from volunteers, some as young as six, and gratitude from the families as they received boxes packed full of fresh produce in addition to many staple pantry items. 

Powerful partners

We’ve been working with the school and families for the past three years now and the need is great. Our latest collaboration with Care & Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado is serving hundreds of families every other week. It’s filling an immediate need, just one part of our Colorado Springs Promise program. While immediate needs must be filled, we are focused on the future, on preventing youth from even entering the cycle of poverty as independent adults. 

We understand that some of the youth we are serving right now will be the leaders of our city. Just as important, they will also become the workforce that drives our economy. At Pikes Peak United Way, we are taking more serious action to address the challenges these children face. Youth Success and Family Stability go hand in hand. It is overwhelmingly difficult for our youth to build toward and attain success without a solid foundation at home. We strive to address both the academic successes and career readiness of our children while providing resources and engagement to encourage a strong family. 

Be part of the story

You can be part of that engagement. Whether it’s your time, talent or treasure – we need you to support these families. 

You can help.

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