Why do we run our own Workplace Campaign?


“You help people…when you walk into these doors every day, you help someone.  Don’t forget that.,” Kent Fortune, Regional VP of USAA, told our team during our Workplace Campaign kickoff.  It’s so simple and yet I think we all needed the pep talk he gave.  Kent and Stephannie Fortune are generously giving their time as our 2019-2020 campaign co-chairs.  Both long-time supporters of Pikes Peak United Way, they are passionate about helping us so we can have a greater impact in El Paso and Teller counties

The Fortunes are Tocqueville Society donors and they told the team that if we had 100% staff participation in our own campaign, they would increase their gift by $2,000 AND give $500 to go toward the staff holiday party.  I’m proud to say we met our goal of 100% participation! 

Sometimes people are curious why we would choose to give money to the organization we work for.  Well, for us, it’s simple.  If we don’t believe in the work we do, how could we ask you to give? 

“We are so proud of all the work you do and also for believing in the organization to give back some of your hard-earned money to support the mission.,” Kent told the team after learning of the 100% participation. 

Workplace campaigns are critical to our success.  In fact, workplace campaigns make up 90% of all the money United Ways across the country raise each year!  That’s a whole lot of money that goes toward improving people’s lives.  We need to boost our workplace campaigns and get into new doors, so if your organization is interested, please click here to get started

Here’s a list of last year’s top campaigns and how much they raised for this community: 

USAA | $310,932

Ent Credit Union | $265,526

Rampart Supply | $203,483

Nor’wood | $185,299

Wells Fargo | $132,768

City of Colorado Springs | $102,165

Colorado Springs Utilities | $98,111

UPS | $92,779

Phil Long Dealerships | $83,994

FedEx | $72,267

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The Peak Progress (QLI) Report is a community effort to look at and evaluate different components of quality of life in the Pikes Peak Region. This project convenes volunteers, community members, and leaders from across the region (Vision Councils) to gather and evaluate data and create goals (referred to as “priority areas”) in various categories.

This report originated in 2007 after Howard Brooks and Jerry Smith recognized the need for benchmarking information and gathered the necessary community support and resources to publish the first edition. The 2019/2020 report seeks to move the report forward by not only focusing on indicators, but also looking for ways to take these findings and create actionable change and improve the quality of life in the Pikes Peak Region. To do this, we followed the original process of creating benchmarks by comparing the Pikes Peak Region to other regions in order to see how we are doing compared to other places in the United States, as well as looking at data over time.

This report is for anyone from a general citizen to an elected representative. Based on the foundation of community groups, networks, and resources that were assembled to develop it, this highly beneficial tool provides reliable and easy to understand data with the potential and proposed steps for actionable change.  

Why do we run our own Workplace Campaign?

Why do we run our own Workplace Campaign?